100 Amazing Pivot Table Tips and Tricks

Download Tutorial 100 Amazing Pivot Table Tips and Tricks

This course is designed to be short and to the point. It’s been carefully crafted to contain everything there is to know about pivot tables while also being as short as possible.

This course is going to super charge your Microsoft Excel skills and take your pivot table analysis to the next level, all in under 3 hours.

Pivot Tables are an absolutely essential tool to have in any analysts toolbox. Pivot tables allow you to quickly and easily slice and dice your data and find useful insights you can take action on.

Pivot tables allow you to explore and analyze your data with a simple drag and drop user interface. You’ll be able to reveal the hidden trends and better understand your data.

You should be familiar with what pivot tables are and the basics of using them because this course is going to get right into the awesome features that most people don’t know about and never use.

This course is going to show you all the pivot table features and techniques that will allow you to quickly find the answers to your business questions. No other single pivot table course out there has all these tips together in one course.

We’ll cover:

  • Table design and style options
  • Layout and formatting options
  • Calculated fields and calculated items
  • Sorting, filtering and grouping
  • Slicers and timelines
  • Pivot Charts

If you’re looking to take your pivot tables to the next level and increase your Microsoft Excel skills, then this course is for you.

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Download Free Tutorial 100 Amazing Pivot Table Tips and Tricks


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