21 Creative Exercises To Trigger Creativity Before Bed

21 Creative Exercises To Trigger Creativity Before Bed Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Spark creative ideas immediately
  • Get a better night’s sleep by implementing the different techniques in this course
  • Become more creative before the end of the day
  • Be open minded and ready to try new things to boost your creativity

Creativity is not just a skill for artists. Creativity is the power of being mentally flexible that will enrich your life, your job/career, help problem solve everyday challenges and help mentally relax you.

I have combined different creative thinking exercises with techniques to get a better night’s sleep . These exercises are meant to be completed at the end of the day.The combination of these two concepts will put your mind at ease before bed so you don’t lose sleep.

If you’re ready to step into a new world of creativity with different creative thinking exercises before you go to bed then go ahead and enroll today!


★★★★★ “I didn’t know what to expect going into this course. I’d never seen creativity and sleep in one place. It seemed counterintuitive to me since when I boost my creativity it wakes me up. But I really needed my brain to take a break, since that was the cause of one of my blocks. The exercises really did help increase my creativity. I liked seeing Tatiana’s responses. Sometimes mine were similar but mostly they weren’t. In establishing a habit by doing the lectures I’ve started being able to rest better at night. It’s not perfect yet but the exercises are set up to be done over and over again so I know it will keep getting better. I also appreciate the way Tatiana responds quickly and personally to questions. It helped clarify and also added to my learning from the lectures.” -Beth

★★★★★ “She teaches some real-life techniques and exercises that can definitely help one improve his/her creativity if those exercises are performed on daily basis. She has a warm and pleasant attitude and voice which I really like about her.” -Bik


Tatiana is an award-winning creative artist that helps everyone around the world get in touch with their creativity. In today’s world the demand of a job takes up majority of your time so by the time you come home you’re ready to go to bed.

This course was created for anyone who wants to continue to explore their creative thoughts and come up with new ideas one exercise at a time.


  • Enhance your life
  • Develop mental flexibility
  • Explore your own creative style
  • Generate new creative ideas
  • Problem solve with creativity
  • Improve your career with creative skills


  • Think more creatively
  • Stop doubting your creative abilities
  • Come up with new creative ideas
  • Strengthen your creative skills


★★★★★ “There is “energy” , positive & enthusiastic attitude. Definitely recommend this course to everyone who is willing to take the challenge represented in this course. Thanks for the time you spent to do this course. It might just be the inspiration people need to “renew” their daily routine.” -Zack-C

★★★★★ “This is different , but i liked that is a different in it’s method of creativity, it’s more like stimuli or ejecting of possibilities…but i would say it’s a welcome challenge if your up to it.” -Bladymir

Who this course is for:
  • Artists
  • Business Owners
  • Anyone who loves creativity


Download21 Creative Exercises To Trigger Creativity Before Bed Free Download Free


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