Accredited Certification in Solution-Focused Therapy

 Accredited Certification in Solution-Focused Therapy   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Use solution-focused techniques and ideas to shape outcome oriented conversations with others.
  • Understand the purpose of a variety of techniques associated with the solution-focused approach and apply them.


  • No special materials or prior knowledge necessary – everything is provided.


Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is an approach to conversations that empowers both helpers and those they help. The approach brings with it a wealth of easily learned and adaptable techniques that will enhance your skills, in any professional context.

This course uses video lectures and will be of use if your work involves helping people tackle some aspect of their lives that has become problematic.

The concise video lessons in this course are supported by ‘live session’ video clips that both illustrate the techniques and demonstrate the effectiveness of SFBT in action. Each section is supported by a quiz to consolidate your learning, and there are downloadable PDFs and exercises to help you become more practised and confident in using solution-focused skills in your conversations.

Who is it for?

Maybe your job is formally recognised as part of the helping professions because it involves supporting people (e.g. HR, social work, counselling or psychiatry).

Or perhaps you work or volunteer in a wider group which includes roles like advocacy, charity and aid work, the law, mediation, medicine, occupational health, probation, physiotherapy, social work, teaching, and many others.

Your primary role is not seen as caring or support, but your daily routine inevitably involves helping people in crisis or distress. You are one of many ‘informal helpers’ who use the same skills as the first group – essentially these are the skills of counselling – yet you have had little or no training to develop their helping skills.

Who this course is for:

  • People who support, guide, coach or mentor others. This course is aimed at what is broadly called the ‘helping professions’.
  • Social work, human resources, teaching, counselling, psychotherapy, nursing, therapy, advocacy, mediation, support work.


Download  Accredited Certification in Solution-Focused Therapy  Free


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