Adobe Illustrator CC Essentials MasterClass

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Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics designing application used to create logos, illustrations, print designs, web designs, mobile app interface, brochures, posters, business cards, labels and a lot more.

Course summery :

This course will start with the very basics of interface and work environment and will cover all essential tools one by one. So you will become confident with all essential tools and other related feature for start working on your projects

Who is the target audience?

This course is designed for every individual who wants to get all the essential information of illustrator to not only start working in illustrator but also to get maximum benefit from other free learning resources all over the internet.

Course support:

Students who buy this course can contact the instructor and discuss learning related issues while doing this course.

Here is the course outline:

Adobe Illustrator CC Essentials Master Class

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Start window

Lecture 3: New document window

Lecture 4: Creating new document

Lecture 5: Recap

Lecture 6: Illustrator’s interface

Lecture 7: Work space selection

Lecture 8: Managing multiple art boards

Lecture 9: Duplicating art boards

Lecture 10: Adding more art boards

Lecture 11: Navigation

Lecture 12: Recap

Lecture 13: Vector vs Raster

Lecture 14:Start learning about lines and shapes

Lecture 15: Rectangle tool

Lecture 16: Ellipse, Polygon and Star tools

Lecture 17: What a line is made of

Lecture 18: What a shape is made of

Lecture 19: Creating basic complex shapes

Lecture 20: Complex shape attributes

Lecture 21: Direct selection tool

Lecture 22: Pen tool

Lecture 23: Adding and deleting anchor points

Lecture 24: Anchor point tool

Lecture 25: Curvature tool

Lecture 26: Type tools

Lecture 27: Arc, Spiral, Grid and Polar tools

Lecture 28: Stacking order

Lecture 29: Layers

Lecture 30: Brush tool

Lecture 31: Shaper tool

Lecture 32: Pencil tool

Lecture 33: Smooth tool

Lecture 34: Path Eraser tool

Lecture 35: Join tool

Lecture 36: Eraser, Scissors and knife tools

Lecture 37: Stroke size for pen and brush tools

Lecture 38: Rotation tool

Lecture 39: Reflect tool

Lecture 40: Scale, Shear and Reshape tools

Lecture 41: Width, Warp, Twirl, Pucker, Bloat, Scallop, Crystallize and Wrinkle tools

Lecture 42: Tool options

Lecture 43: Free transform tool

Lecture 44: Puppet warp tool

Lecture 45: Shape builder tool

Lecture 46: Live paint bucket tool

Lecture 47: Live paint selection tool

Lecture 48: Perspective grid and Perspective selection tools

Lecture 49: Mesh tool

Lecture 50: Gradient tool

Lecture 51: Eyedropper tool

Lecture 52: Measure tool

Lecture 53: Blend tool

Lecture 54: Symbol spray tool

Lecture 55: Column Graph tool

Lecture 56: Art board and Slice tools

Lecture 57: Alignments panel

Lecture 58: Align to art board

Lecture 59: Distribute objects

Lecture 60: Smart Guides

Lecture 61: Grid and Snap to grid

Lecture 62: Pathfinder

Lecture 63: Expand Text (Text conversion to vector object)

Lecture 64: 3D Effect on vector shapes

Lecture 65: Appearance panel

Lecture 66: Other effects

Lecture 67: End

Who is the target audience?
  • You can take this course if you are a beginner of illustrator and want to learn essentials in detail

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