Adobe Illustrator for Video and 3D

Download Tutorial Adobe Illustrator for Video and 3D

Learn how to use Illustrator artwork to build amazing videos, animations, and 3D motion graphics. Discover how to share artboards, layers, type, colors, and paths between Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Cinema 4D in the most efficient way possible. Instructor Eran Stern explains how to prep Illustrator artwork for use in other applications, how to animate Illustrator layers in Premiere Pro, and how to reuse text and shapes from Illustrator to build 3D motion graphics in After Effects. Plus, learn how to open Illustrator files in Cinema 4D and use a variety of free and paid plugins that make sharing assets between apps even easier.

Topics include:

  • Importing Illustrator files in Premiere Pro
  • Animating Illustrator layers with keyframes, transitions, and plugins
  • Importing Illustrator files in After Effects
  • Creating shapes from vectors
  • Extruding vectors
  • Auto-animating vector layers with Animation Composer
  • Working with Cinema 4D
  • Using the CV-ArtSmart and Cineware plugins

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Download Free Tutorial Adobe Illustrator for Video and 3D

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