Advanced Kotlin Programming

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Designed for developers who already have a basic understanding of Kotlin, this video course examines some of the additional major features that make the language highly extensible and unique compared to other JVM languages. You’ll learn about more advanced uses for functions, class scenarios, and delegation, along with best practices for working with generics, metaprogramming, and asynchronous programming. Once you’ve added the skills in this video to your programming tool belt, you’ll be fully proficient in Kotlin as well as a more well-rounded Java developer.

  • Understand the approach that makes Kotlin so extensible and unique compared to other JVM languages
  • Examine advanced topics like infix functions, tail recursion, and lambda extensions
  • Explore the inventive features Kotlin offers for working with classes
  • Learn how Kotlin handles concerns related to delegation
  • Dive deep into issues related to generics – constraints, covariance, and more
  • Discover the techniques Kotlin employs for metaprogramming and introspection
  • Understand how Kotlin implements asynchronous programming using co-routines

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