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Advanced Tableau for Business Intelligence   Free Tutorial Download

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If you’re ready to build expert-level data analysis and visualization skills with Tableau Desktop, you’ve come to the right place.

This course is a hands-on and project-based dive deep into several advanced Tableau topics, ranging from data relationships and calculations to predictive analytics and dynamic design techniques. As always, we’ll be applying these tools to real-world business intelligence use cases every step of the way.

You’ll be playing the role of a newly hired analyst for Maven Roasters, a bespoke, small batch coffee roasting company. Your mission? Use advanced analytics and visual design tools to take the company’s business intelligence reports to the next level.

We’ll kick things off by digging into relationships and the Tableau Desktop data model, exploring topics like logical vs. physical layers, contextual joins, smart aggregation, and performance optimization.

From there we’ll introduce a range of powerful visualization and design tools, including custom templates, dynamic formats, animations, parameter & set actions, and geospatial mapping.

Last but not least, we’ll cover advanced calculations like RegEx and custom LOD expressions, along with powerful predictive analytics tools like regression, forecasting, clustering, and more.


  • Tableau Relationships

    • Logical & physical layers, contextual joins, smart aggregation, etc.
  • Dynamic Design

    • Custom templates, KPI shapes, dynamic formatting, filter menus, etc.
  • Parameter & Set Actions

    • Interactivity, relative dimensional analysis, animation, color scaling, etc.
  • Geospatial Mapping

    • Spatial functions, custom territories, hierarchies, background maps, etc.
  • Advanced Calculations

    • RegEx, advanced table calcs, LOD functions, cohort analysis, etc.
  • Predictive Analytics

    • Regression models, forecasting, clustering, R & Python integration, etc.

Throughout the course, you’ll come across unique opportunities to put your new Tableau skills to the test, like analyzing employee earnings for the Boston Police Department, building forecast models for the World Health Organization, and designing geospatial dashboards to help FEMA identify environmental risks.

Whether you’re an aspiring business intelligence analyst or data scientist, or just looking to take your Tableau skills to the next level, this is the course for you!


Join today and get immediate, lifetime access to the following:

  • 11+ hours of high-quality video
  • Advanced Tableau Desktop ebook
  • Downloadable Tableau project files & solutions
  • Homework assignments & quizzes
  • Course Q&A forum
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

See you in the course!

-Dustin (Featured Tableau Author & Lead Tableau Instructor, Maven Analytics)


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Who this course is for:

  • Tableau Desktop users who want to develop expert-level skills
  • BI or data science professionals looking to solve complex cases or advanced analyses
  • Aspiring data professionals seeking to master one of the world’s most popular BI tools
  • Anyone looking to launch a career in analytics, data science or business intelligence
  • Students who want a comprehensive, engaging, and highly interactive approach to training


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