Agile Software Development- Creating an Agile Culture

Agile Software Development- Creating an Agile Culture   Free Tutorial Download

Want to reap the benefits of agile? You’ll need to look beyond sprints and standups and into your organization’s culture—it’s the foundation of any successful agile rollout. This course explains how to build agility into the heart of your organization by developing trust, communication, productivity, and innovation into your team. Learn how to identify six common “anti-patterns” of agile adoption, along with specific strategies to remedy each issue. Discover how to cultivate an agile mindset on both a team and individual level, and empower your team members to succeed. Andrea Goulet, a recognized industry leader and frequent keynote presenter, guides executives, software directors, managers, and team leaders through this fundamental—but oft forgotten—aspect of agile implementation.

Topics include:

  • Why culture matters
  • Building trust
  • Articulating your mission, vision, and values
  • Agile anti-patterns and antidotes
  • Combatting stress and silos
  • Building your team
  • Supporting success
  • Empowering individuals
  • Encouraging communication


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