Agility Foundations

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What you’ll learn

  • Students will gain an understanding of Lean and Agile concepts crucial to successful Agile projects and organizational transformations.


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What is the Agility Foundations course?

This course serves as a prerequisite for other courses in Agile Cheetah’s Agile curriculum. In this course, we take a couple of steps back from teaching Agile-Scrum to lay the foundation necessary to truly understand Agile and Scrum. We do so by defining what we are trying to achieve through Agile, which is “agility.”

Why do I need this course?

Because you want successful Agile projects that deliver on the promise of Agile! Too many Agile projects go wrong when well-intentioned organizations inadvertently “tailor out” the agility from their Agile projects. There is a lot of bad Agile out there. This course arms you with the knowledge you need to keep your projects on the path to achieving agility.

Who is the course for?

Most people outside of software development teams have little to no direct experience with Agile. Unlike most Agile-related training, this course does not focus on how software development teams “do” Agile-Scrum. Instead, is targeted at those who lead, sponsor, and support software development projects in organizations transitioning from traditional project management (Waterfall) to Agile.

This course also reinforces concepts covered in practically all Agile-Scrum certification programs and counts towards “ongoing education” points/PDUs for those holding Agile and/or program management certifications.

Who is the course not for?

  • People looking for an Agile-Scrum how to course. We offer other courses that cover Agile-Scrum specifically.
  • Those purely looking to learn Agile or Scrum “mechanics.” Agile Cheetah courses explain both the why and the how of Agile.

Who this course is for:

  • Senior Leadership, Project/Program Managers, Agile practitioners, Business Analysts, and anyone else committed to implementing successful Agile projects and organizational transformations.


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