Alomoves – Hip Flexor – Quad Flexibility

Alomoves – Hip Flexor – Quad Flexibility   Free Tutorial Download


This plan will be incredibly therapeutic for everyone, regardless if you live a very active lifestyle, or are very sedentary. It targets the muscles that everyone uses throughout the day walking, standing, sitting, or doing more dynamic laterals or forward movements. This plan works on releasing tension in the anterior part of the lower body including the hip flexors, quadriceps, the lateral side of the legs, the glutes and IT bands. Because we use them so much in our day-to-day lives, the muscles can get really tight and bound up. Increasing the mobility of your hip flexors and quads is a must for anyone looking to increase your performance in any type of lateral or forward movement which includes essentially all sports, including soccer, running, walking, basketball, tennis or CrossFit. I hope your enjoy the therapeutic and performance-enhancing aspects of these mobility drills and stretches!


Download  Alomoves – Hip Flexor – Quad Flexibility  Free


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