Animation Pipeline Production

Animation Pipeline Production – Learn how to create animation in a pipeline

Losing files is terrible for anyone but losing an animation-work that you’ve spent 500 or 1,000 hours on-can be crippling. In this course, David Andrade introduces a production workflow that will help you mitigate disasters and get projects done on time. He covers the creative and technical aspects of animation, including scripting, storyboarding, layout, file management, and rendering. Each step is shown in context in the production pipeline, allowing you to see how software like After Effects, Maya, and Blender fit together. Use the pipeline to solve your unique creative and technical challenges and develop a customized workflow tailored to your personal style.

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Teaching language: English
Teacher: David Andrade
Level of training :, Secondary
Training time: 2 hours + 6 minutes
File size: 3160 MB

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