Ansible Automation For Beginners to Advance – Step by Step

Download Tutorial Ansible Automation For Beginners to Advance – Step by Step

What is so special in this Ansible course?

The course is very simple, awesome, easy to understand, agentless, parallel execution, automatic reporting easy to use and at the same time it is a time saver, In a few months you know the course and become more productive in your own goal. This is the one and the only Ansible course that provisions coding exercise were you can practice Ansible Playbook right in your browser.

How does Ansible work?

Ansible connecting your nodes and pushing out small programs.Ansible works very simple and different way of setting up the Architecture, SSH keys and their roles and Managing Inventory.

How does Ansible Playbook work?

Ansible playbook works as an Ansible configuration, deployment, and orchestration language.The playbook can finely orchestrate multiple slices of your infrastructure topology with very detail control over how many machines to tackle at the same time.

How does Ansible Tower work?

Ansible tower works as a scale IT automation, manage complex deployments and speed productivity.The Ansible tower allows us to easily streamline the delivery of applications and service to both OpenStack and Amazon clouds in a cost-effective simple and secure manner.

How does Ansible Vault work?

Ansible Vault is a feature of Ansible that keeps sensitive data such as password or keys in encrypted files rather than a plaintext in playbook or role.Ansible Vault encrypts anything inside a YAML file, with a password in your own choice.The vault file can distribute or place in source control.

What are the steps to start Ansible?

At first, Ansible installs your local machine.In order for Ansible to connect your VPS, you need to specify its IP address within Ansible host file.Test out your configuration by pinging your VPS for

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