API Development in .NET with GraphQL

API Development in .NET with GraphQL – Tutorial on development of .pay in .NET with Graph Kv

GraphQL-a query language for the APIs that was originally built by Facebook-helps developers build queryable APIs that drive data driven apps. In this course, Glenn Block demonstrates how to use the GraphQL.NET framework to build a fully functional Graph Point endpoint. Glenn takes you through the whole process, explaining how to create a new GraphQL project, enable querying, configure the schema, allow updates through mutations, create subscriptions, and more. After completing this course, you’ll have a better understanding of how to leverage your existing .NET skills-and the GraphQL.NET framework-to build efficient, modern apps.

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Language of instruction: English
Moderator: Glenn Block
Level of training :, Secondary
Time of training: 1 hour + 44 minutes
File Size: 682 MB

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