Augmented Reality Basics – How to Make AR Drawing

Augmented Reality Basics – How to Make AR Drawing   Free Tutorial Download

About This Class


In this course, you will learn how to turn a sketch on paper into an interactive art piece using Unity, Augmented Reality, and Vuforia. The goal is to see how awesome you can make a simple drawing and push the idea of combining technology and art as far as you can take it. At the end of this little journey, you will end up with a sketch of a character, an AR app for a smartphone, and a pretty cool experience to play with.

In the course you will learn:

How to Sketch
How to Draw a Simple Illustration
How to Scan a Drawing without a Scanner
How to Work with Image Targets
How to Setup Unity and Vuforia for AR
How to make a User Interface
How to Code with C#
How to Add User Controls to 3D Objects
How to Animate in Unity
How to Build and Export a Mobile App


Download  Augmented Reality Basics – How to Make AR Drawing  Free

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