Azure Data Engineer – Interview Preparation Practice Test

Azure Data Engineer – Interview Preparation Practice Test   Free Tutorial Download


V1.1 05/2019:  Additional questions has been added to Azure security services practice test.

Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud platform in the world. The objective of this course is to provide you questions to practice in different areas of Azure before attending interviews or exams on Azure. You just need to choose areas of your choice based on Interview or exam.

After taking this course. You will be confident in attending interviews and exams related to Azure.

Following are the practice tests that are provided in this course.

  • Azure Storage services – 29 Questions – Test your knowledge in different Azure storage services such as Storage account, Blob storage, File storage, Queue storage, Table storage, Storage tools, Storage security and monitoring.
  • Azure App services – 25 Questions – Test your knowledge in different Azure PaaS services such as Azure App services, App service plan, App service environment, App service configuration, Deployment slots, Hybrid applications, mobile and API apps, App service scalability, Availability, Security and Monitoring.
  • Azure Database & Analytics services – 29 questions – Test your knowledge in different Azure database and analytics services such as Azure SQL database, SQL managed instance, COSMOS database, Data Factory, Data Lake Store, HDInsight, Data Bricks, Power BI, Data Explorer and Data Catalog.
  • Azure Integration services – 22 questions – Test your knowledge in different Azure Integration services such as Logic Apps, Functions, Service bus queues, topics, relay service, On-premise data gateway, Enterprise Integration pack and Event grid.
  • Azure Internet of Things services – 25 questions – Test your knowledge in different Azure Internet of Things services such as IoT Hub, Event Hub, Stream Analytics, IoT edge, IoT Central, IoT solution accelerators and Azure time series insights.
  • Azure security services – 63 questions – Covers AZ 500 –  Test your knowledge in Azure Active directory, Conditional access policies, Device management, Azure RBAC controls, Policies, Locks, Azure AD Identity protection, Azure AD privileged identity management, Network security, Host security, Storage account security, Azure monitor activity logs, metrics, Azure monitor logs and Azure Security Center.

In the next 3 months, I will add practice exam for each of the below Azure service areas into this course.

  • Choosing appropriate Azure services based on customer requirements
  • Azure Compute services
  • Azure Network services
  • Azure Monitoring services
  • Tools to manage Azure resources

Who this course is for:

  • Architects, developers and system administrators
  • Students taking microsoft Azure certification exams
  • Professionals attending interviews for jobs related to Azure


Download  Azure Data Engineer – Interview Preparation Practice Test  Free


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