Basic Android Programming for Arduino Makers

Basic Android Programming for Arduino Makers   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Basic Android programming
  • Connecting Android device to Arduino projects
  • Creating Android companion app that is able to control an Arduino board
  • Creating Android companion app that can read input from an Arduino board
  • Taking Arduino projects to the next level


  • Basic knowledge in creating projects using Arduino boards and IDE
  • Arduino Uno or Mega or any other board of your choice
  • A Mac or Windows computer
  • An Android device (phone or tablet)


Welcome to The Basic Android Programming For Arduino Makers course.

This course is the one and only course in Udemy that focuses in teaching you on how to create an Android app that can control and talk to your Arduino projects.

This course is the shortest path to build an Android Bluetooth companion app from scratch without prior Android programming knowledge.

It will help you save many hours figuring out how to create an Android app that can connect to your Arduino app

I wish this kind of course existed when I decided to create an Android app to control my Arduino projects, but unfortunately I have to spent many many hours and countless trial and error to figure out how I can create this kind of app.

Now after I have obtained the knowledge, I want to share it to all Arduino makers who want to take their Arduino projects to the next level.

Arduino and Android are originally two separate ecosystem, but this course will teach you how to use bluetooth connection to make these two ecosystems talk with each other.

Most people either know how to make things with Arduino, or develop app with Android. By taking this course, you can combine both knowledge and create awesome projects.

This course is also for Android developers

Most Android developers stay in Android ecosystem. Add new knowledge to your skillset and be one of the Android developers that can build app that talks to other ecosystem and expand your possibilities.

Who this course is for:

  • Makers who use Arduino in their projects
  • Makers who want to create Bluetooth companion app for their Arduino projects
  • Android programmers who want to create an app that can talk with Arduino board

Download  Basic Android Programming for Arduino Makers  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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