Become a Bodyweight Workout Expert – Never Need a Gym Again!

Become a Bodyweight Workout Expert – Never Need a Gym Again!   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • How to build personalized bodyweight training programs, developed for your own unique goals
  • The methods the military use to scale, improve and build each week on previous progress
  • Create home workout routines that are perfect for your gender, age, weight, height, genetics and your ambition
  • Develop bodyweight workouts that build muscle size and strength: no equipment required
  • Develop bodyweight workouts that improve cardiovascular fitness levels
  • Develop bodyweight workouts that give you incredible muscular endurance
  • Develop bodyweight workouts that shred the fat from your body: results in the quickest possible timeframe
  • The military methods for setting achievable goals and tracking progress: improve motivation and get results
  • Use nutrition to support your fitness goals: make sure you’re fueling your body efficiently and effectively
  • Skills you can use during lockdown to get in awesome shape: the military techniques that can be used anywhere


  • None – Pullup bar optional


***Delivered by a military fitness training expert: with over 10 years experience in using Bodyweight Workouts for fitness and strength while on overseas military deployments***



  • Achieve incredible fitness results at home
  • Perfect for Lockdown or Isolation
  • Latest scientific research
  • Proven military techniques
  • Learn to build and personalize YOUR OWN  bodyweight workouts
  • Tailored to YOUR OWN goals
  • Methods relevant to your ability, weight, genetics, gender, height – this is personalized workout design for fast and efficient results


What other students are saying about this course:

  • “Superb! High-quality course, with a very good instructor. I’ve learnt a lot about designing a workout program for doing at home. I think I’ve been doing things wrong for sometime now with my training – this has really helped! Thank you so much :-)” – Rit K
  • “Very comprehensive beginner course. I’ve been working out from home for some time now, using bodyweight exercises and I learnt lot in this course…Clear tuition, confident instructor who has used these techniques in the military (always nice to see someone who has real life experience). Great work!” – Mike W
  • “Very informative. Learnt loads, even though I consider myself knowledgable about health, fitness and exercise. Lot of additional material on nutrition, rest, workout building and goal setting, which was nice to have. Also it was so refreshing to have a teacher who has actually ‘been there and done it’ in the military.” – Jed P
  • I think why this course comes across so well is that the instructor has actually used these fitness methods while on operations with the military. He isn’t just a gym buff (lots of other courses seem to be). He comes across as confident about what he is teaching, honest and genuine. I really enjoyed this course – I learnt a lot and I appreciate the time that’s gone into sharing his knowledge and skills.” – Paul R


Learn effective military techniques to build your own bodyweight workouts to achieve your personalized fitness goals: proven methods, supported by the latest scientific research.

The Bodyweight Workout Training Program has been carefully engineered to provide bodyweight workout beginners with the knowledge, confidence, and motivation required to achieve their fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to start working out at home, or while traveling, this course contains everything you need – all delivered by Sam, an ex-military officer, and course creator.

>>This course is suitable for both female and male students<<

Sam’s Full Course Description:

“My fitness training course is based on bodyweight workout techniques perfected by the military for use in the world’s toughest environments.

Within the Bodyweight Workout Training Program, I’ll teach you these techniques: empowering you to stay in shape without access to gyms or equipment.

All the recommendations, lessons and guides within my home workout course are fully referenced and draw on the latest scientific research to provide you with effective workout techniques and planning methods that have been military-proven to get results.

As well as building an understanding of the science behind bodyweight workouts, you’ll learn how to create your own, fully-personalized, bespoke bodyweight workout program, whatever your fitness goal:

– Build Muscle [Yes, this is 100% possible without a gym or equipment]

– Improve Cardiovascular Endurance [The military use these techniques to achieve unrivaled levels of fitness]

– Build Muscular Endurance  [Learn how to train your body to keep going, and going, and going]

– Lose Body Fat  [Learn how HIIT workouts and Bodyweight Exercise can shed the pounds – fast!]

My course is different from many bodyweight courses available because it is based on my experiences as a military officer. Over many years I used bodyweight training to keep myself and my team in peak condition, whilst we were deployed in challenging environments. This combination of military-style tips and scientific research has resulted in an extremely comprehensive learning experience.”

Included in This Course:

– Myths surrounding fitness training – don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

– The Science Behind Bodyweight Workouts

– The Fundamentals of Muscular Strength Training Program

– The Fundamentals of Muscular Endurance Training Program

– The Fundamentals of Cardiovascular Endurance Training Program

– The Fundamentals of Fat Loss Program

– A Full Library of Exercise Demonstrations

– How to Build a Bodyweight Workout Program

– How Nutrition Should Feature within a Training Program

– How Rest Should Feature within a Training Program

– How to Effectively Set Goals

Plus These Professional Quality Downloadable Resources:

– Full Exercise Guidebook

– Nutrition Guidebook

– Workout Guidebook – including some workouts to get you started on your journey

My Bodyweight Workout Training Program will give you the skills you need to be able to stay in great shape wherever you are. As well as the workouts I provide you, you’ll be able to create your own do-anywhere bodyweight workouts that are perfectly matched to your own fitness goals, whether that be to build muscle strength, increase endurance or lose body fat.

You’ll NEVER need a gym membership again!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is fed up with paying way too much money for short workout-videos, personal trainers or gym memberships
  • People wanting to get in shape during lockdown or isolation
  • Students who like to follow the science and rely on scientific research to accomplish fitness goals as fast as possible
  • Home workout and fitness beginners
  • Those wanting to build muscular strength and size without equipment or gyms
  • Those wanting to build muscular and cardiovascular endurance at home without equipment
  • Those wanting to lose body fat in the quickest possible timeframe, using scientific methods for safe, quick results
  • Anyone wanting to take control of their training: to unleash real motivation through ownership of personalized bodyweight workout routines


Download  Become a Bodyweight Workout Expert – Never Need a Gym Again!  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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