Become a Visual Artist in 1 Hour

Download Tutorial Become a Visual Artist in 1 Hour

Become a Visual Artist in 1 Hour

Francisco Capelo is a visual artist since 1992 and art teacher in his Cascais art studio – Portugal. His main focus is abstract expressionism and modern / contemporary art techniques.

In this course you will learn all the aspects of being a visual artist: from art history to painting techniques, time balance and marketing options.

In just one hour, these are invaluable insights that will help you achieve artistic recognition – the right way.

. Course structure:

One. You, the Artist

1_1. The artist mindset

1_2. Goals

1_3. Mentors

1_4. Main medium

1_5. Community (ies)

Two. Your Art

2_1. Main activity (ies)

2_2. Personal style

2_3. Technique

2_4. Money/ Time schedule/ Several revenue streams

2_5. Choices

Three. Visual Art´s Main Questions

3_1. Art history

3_2. Crucial artists

3_3. Essential art movements

3_4. Artists´ quotes

3_5. Game- changing modern artworks

Four. Artistic ideas

4_1. Challenges

4_2. Techniques you may want to try

4_3. Out of the box ideas

4_4. Things to understand

4_5. Antoni Tàpies and Joseph Beuys

Five. Your Marketing Plan

5_1. Online presence

5_2. Online Marketing ideas

5_3. Offline Marketing ideas

5_4. Good use of your money

5_5. Good use of your time

Six. Conclusion

6_1. Achieving artistic recognition

6_2. Achieving financial stability

6_3. Achieving time stability (online/ offline balance)

6_4. Choosing what to sell, when to sell, and at what price

6_5. Success in your own terms

Who this course is for:
  • People curious about visual arts
  • Beginner visual artists

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Download Free Tutorial Become a Visual Artist in 1 Hour


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