Blender – create Thor’s Stormbreaker from start to finish

Blender – create Thor’s Stormbreaker from start to finish   Free Tutorial Download

Hi, this is start to finish course about how to create SrormBreaker with Blender 2.9 and Substance Painter.
I’m Marwan Hussein and I will be your instructor in this journey,

I will break down the course into these topics

* Modeling

* Unwrapping

* Texturing

* Rendering

Modeling In the modeling section, we will learn how to use Blender 2.9 modeling tools and we will activate some of the Add-ons that will help us to make the modeling process faster like Carver tool and Bool tool.

We will set our reference image to help us to make the modeling a bit easier because we will follow the outline of the image.

then after that, we will start modeling the Ax and the handle step by step.

_Unwrapping, in this section we will learn how to use the powerful unwrapping tool that comes default with Blender, and we will use this tool to unwrap the Ax and the Handle step by step

_Texturing, in this part we will learn how to make the project ready to send it to Substance Painter and we will make all the texturing inside Substance Painter step by step, and before that, we will use vertex paint inside Blender 2.9 to help us to generate ID color inside Substance Painter and that thing helps us to give specific material to a specific object.

_Rendering, in this section we will import all the texture that we generate inside Substance Painter and import them back to Blender to apply them on the object ( StormBreaker )

and after that, we will set up the light and apply all the texture and we will take a shot with Eevee and after that, we will switch to Cycles to take another shot.

until this point, the course finished.

I hope the course be helpful for you and I hope you enjoy it. thank you

Marwan Hussein

Who this course is for:

  • all level


Download  Blender – create Thor’s Stormbreaker from start to finish  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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