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A great introduction to the topic from technical and business perspective.

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There’s a lot more to the blockchain than mining Bitcoin. This secure system for registering and verifying ownership and identity is perfect for supply chain logistics, health records, and other sensitive data management tasks. Blockchain in Action unlocks the full potential of this revolutionary technology, showing you how to build your own decentralized apps for secure applications including digital democracy, private auctions, and electronic record management.

about the technology

A blockchain is a decentralized record, stored across numerous devices with no central control or authority. Copies of this shared database are constantly reconciled with one another, and records are cryptographically encoded to make them unchangeable. The result is a type of database that is at once transparent and publicly accessible, and where it is impossible to falsify or alter the historic data record. Initially hailed for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, recent blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Hyperledger are opening up new applications for immutable public and private digital records management.

about the book

Written by Bina Ramamurthy, award-winning creator of the blockchain Coursera online course, Blockchain in Action begins with the essential principles of blockchain and teaches you to create your own decentralized apps. From the start you’ll go hands-on with the Ethereum blockchain, designing and coding your first smart contract with the JavaScript-based Solidity language. This smart contract will become the foundation on which you will build advanced functionality, including trust validation, a web UI for better user access, and privacy and security features that enable deployment on a public blockchain network. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be fully prepared to build useful blockchain applications.


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