Brain Training: Harness Neuroplasticity Through Neuroscience

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In this course, learn what neuroscience says regarding brain training strategies to harness our brains neuroplasticity. The concept of neuroplasticity is becoming more well know after the last few decades of neuroscience research.  We now know that through neuroplasticity our experiences change the structure and the organization of the brain.

A paradigm change is occurring in various professional fields with neuroscience beginning to inform psychiatry, psychology, counseling, education, business, and technology. Thus, strategies to improve our brain health, and train our brain to increase cognitive performance and extend the life of our brain are extremely popular.

Throughout this course you will learn what brain training is and how it is related to neuroplasticity. You will also learn about the benefits, and the various types of brain training. You will be presented with some of the components, and the simplicity of brain training, and some specific applications for brain training. Finally, you will learn about some of the best evidence-based approaches to improve brain health and/or brain-based skills through positive habits and lifestyle strategies, cognitive training, brain training games, or self-directed neuroplasticity.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with an interest in Brain Training, Neuroplasticity, Neuroscience, and Brain Health
  • Anyone who wants to learn research-based strategies to improve their brain
  • Anyone interested in Personal Development

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