Branding 101 – How to Build an Unforgettable Brand

Branding 101 – How to Build an Unforgettable Brand   Free Tutorial Download

This class will walk you through the basics of building an unforgettable brand. You will learn how to build your brand from scratch and understand what decisions to make when it comes to your brand colour, logo, typography and imagery. And if you’ve already built your brand, you’ll be able to apply the knowledge you learn here to improve upon your current branding.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Learn how to pick the right the colours for your brand
  • Choose suitable fonts to enhance your brand message
  • Create a logo that’s relevant and memorable for your brand
  • Find imagery that elevates your visual brand and communicates what your brand is all about
  • Apply tricks of the trade when it comes to visual design
  • Create a brand board for your brand that will create consistency across all your branding


Download  Branding 101 – How to Build an Unforgettable Brand  Free

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