Building Declarative Apps Using Functional JavaScript []

Building Declarative Apps Using Functional JavaScript []   Free Tutorial Download

Are you a solid JavaScript developer interested in shifting to a more functional style? If so, then this project-based course can help. Here, instructor Michael Rosata equips you with new functional programming concepts and demonstrates how to use those concepts to create an actual declarative JavaScript app. Michael begins by discussing composition and functional combinators. He shares how to reason about these composed functions, as well as how to use the laws of compositionality to deal with common issues that arise when writing compositional logic. He also demonstrates how to create generic containers to isolate impurities. To wrap up the course, he shows how to build state management inside your functional app.

Topics include:

  • Basic techniques for functional programming
  • Working with composition as a solution for your tasks
  • Using the laws of compositionality
  • Using combinators
  • Encapsulating I/O using generic containers
  • Lazy evaluation using generic containers
  • Building a functional data store like Redux
  • Creating a history of changed state to rewind or fast-forward an app
  • Linking events in an app to actions on the data store


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