C – C + + Particularities

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Course description

Explore the particularities and challenges of C/C++. This includes integer manipulation, use of local variables, use of dynamic memory, buffer overflow protection and string manipulation.

Course syllabus

Introduction to C/C++ ParticularitiesDuration: 1:26

Let’s take a look at what is included in this course.

Integer ManipulationDuration: 30:00

How do computers store negative value? How large can integer values be? How do I compare signed and unsigned value, and what about avoiding overflow and underflow?

Local VariablesDuration: 32:10

In this video, you’ll look at safely using local variables and how to avoid data leaks.

Memory ManagementDuration: 12:43

Is dynamically allocated memory initialized by default? How does heap randomization help to make programs more secure?

Buffer OverflowDuration: 34:24

What is a buffer overflow? How does a hacker can exploit buffer overflows, and how can we avoid this? Explore that and more in this video.

C StringsDuration: 32:17

What is a C string, and how do we safely use C string manipulation functions? What kind of security issues can cause C output formatting?

Security-Enhanced Version of CRT FunctionsDuration: 17:18

Take a look at the safe C API and how to use it on Windows and Linux.

C++ StringsDuration: 3:46

Explore C++ strings and the relative safety of different string classes.


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