C++ Programming By Example

C++ syntax and industry-standard style
Develop and architect C++ apps in a modular and maintainable way
Implement the use of modern language features that make code readable and concise
Develop efficient and well-designed applications
Develop a simple yet fun desktop GUI application using the Qt5 framework

C++ is a flexible and generic language that offers a wide range of benefits with key strengths being software infrastructure and resource-constrained applications. This course is an introductory guide to C++ that will help you learn the language through multiple hands-on examples.

You’ll begin by diving into the C++ basics, syntax, and generic programming features. We’ll then move on to using data structures and algorithms with C++. Next, you’ll delve into the object-oriented features of C++ with another practical example.

Finally, you’ll further enhance your C++ programming skills by creating multiple GUI, desktop applications using Qt5. By the end of this course, you will have gained knowledge of core programming concepts in C++, and how to implement them effectively.

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Style and Approach
This course is structured to be learning by example. This means that you’ll get into coding almost immediately. This facilitates efficient learning, since the best way to learn is by example especially in programming. You’ll get immediate hands-on experience in coding C++ apps and explore the modern language features by utilizing and implementing them in your own apps. Further, what you learn will be reinforced by coding exercises as well as quizzes to ensure you’re retaining all the information you’ve gained.


Learn C++ programming with exciting projects that bridge the gap between learning and doing
Play with C++ as you get hands-on experience with various projects
Get up and running with GUI programming concepts as you play with some fun projects using Qt

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