Collection Views

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Collection Views

Display nested views using a configurable and highly customizable layout.


A collection view manages an ordered set of content, such as the grid of photos in the Photos app, and presents it visually.

Collection views are a collaboration between many different objects, including:

  • Cells. A cell provides the visual representation for each piece of your content.
  • Layouts. A layout defines the visual arrangement of the content in the collection view.
  • Your data source object. This object adopts the UICollectionViewDataSource protocol and provides the data for the collection view.
  • Your delegate object. This object adopts the UICollectionViewDelegate protocol and manages user interactions with the collection view’s contents, like selection and highlighting.
  • Collection view controller. You typically use a UICollectionViewController object to manage a collection view. You can use other view controllers too, but a collection view controller is required for some collection-related features to work.

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