Complete Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineering (updated 9 – 2020)

 Complete Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineering (updated 9 – 2020)   Free Tutorial Download

Welcome To Our Course “Complete Electric Circuits Course For Electrical Engineering”

This course is designed for absolute beginners who have zero knowledge about electric circuits, I start from zero until you understand all the fundamentals with hundreds of examples !!

What are we going to learn from this course?

✔️ Fundamentals of electric DC circuits

✔️ SI units or international Units

✔️​ Definition of the electric charge

✔️​ Definition of the electric current

✔️​ Definition of the electric voltage

✔️​ Definition of the electric power

✔️​ Definition of the electric energy

✔️​ Difference between dependent and independent sources

✔️​ Applications of DC Circuits

✔️​ Know the principle of TV picture tube or CRT

✔️​ Know about the electricity bills calculations

✔️​ Basic laws of Electricity

✔️​ Understand Ohm’s law

✔️​ Difference between an Open Circuit and Short Circuit

✔️​ Difference between Fixed and Variable Resistance

✔️​ Definition of Conductance

✔️​ Know difference between series and parallel connection

✔️​ Definition of the Nodes, Branches and loops in Electric circuit

✔️​ Definition of the Kirchhoff’s laws

✔️​ Definition of Kirchhoff current law

✔️​ Definition of Kirchhoff voltage law

✔️​ Series resistor and voltage division

✔️​ Know parallel resistor and current division

✔️​ Wye-Delta transformations and vice-versa

✔️​ Understand Applications as Lightning Systems

✔️​ Understand Nodal analysis no voltage source

✔️​ Understand Nodal analysis with voltage sources

✔️​ Understand the supernode

✔️​ Understand Mesh analysis no current Source

✔️​ Understand Mesh analysis with current Sources

✔️​ Understand the supermesh.

✔️​ Compare between Nodal and Mesh analysis

✔️​ Understand applications as DC transistor circuits

✔️​ Understand the meaning of the linearity property

✔️​ Use the Superposition theorem

✔️​ Understand Thevenin’s theorem

✔️​ Understand Norton’s theorem

✔️​ Maximum power transfer

✔️​ Understand the source transformation

✔️​ Understand application as resistance measurement

✔️​ Understand the various types of operational amplifiers

✔️​ Understand ideal op amp, inverting amplifier , non inverting amplifier

✔️​ Understand summing op amp circuit

✔️​ Understand difference op amp circuit

✔️​ Understand cascaded op amp circuit

✔️​ Know the applications of op amp like Digital-to-Analog converter

✔️​ Know the applications of op amp like instrumentation amplifiers

✔️​ Know what is a capacitor

✔️​ Understand how to simplify series capacitors

✔️​ Understand how to simplify parallel capacitors

✔️​ Know what is an inductor

✔️​ Understand practical capacitors and practical inductors

✔️​ Understand how to simplify series inductors

​✔️​ Understand how to simplify parallel inductors

✔️​ Know how to get energy stored in capacitor

✔️​ Know how to get energy stored in inductor

✔️​ know the applications of capacitors and inductor as integrator

✔️​ know the applications of capacitors and inductor as differentiator.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants knowledge about electric circuits or engineers
  • Anyone who is interested in Knowing the Main concepts of electric circuits
  • Anyone who is student and wants to learn about DC Circuits easily


Download  Complete Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineering (updated 9 – 2020)  Free


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