Continuous Integration: Tools (2019)

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices enable developers to reliably produce applications at a faster rate—and enhance team collaboration in the process. As CI/CD grew to become a key DevOps practice area, new CI/CD tools began proliferating throughout the industry. Curious about which tools are right for your team? In this course, Michael Jenkins digs into a variety of CI/CD tools in several different categories, highlighting the pros and cons of each one. Learn about self-hosted options such as Jenkins and Bamboo, SaaS tools, and options from cloud service providers and code repositories.

Topics include:

  • Key considerations in picking your stack
  • The landscape of CI/CD tools
  • Self-hosted options such as Jenkins and Bamboo
  • SaaS tools such as Travis CI
  • Using AWS CodePipeline and CodeBuild
  • Tools for code repositories

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