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This course teaches you how you can quickly create desktop apps with Python. Python makes software development easy, especially for quick prototyping. However, by default everything is inside a terminal window. By taking this course you’ll be able to make desktop applications in Python.

Python has all kinds of GUI libraries including PyQt, Tkinter, wxPython etcetera. Instead of learning all these GUI libraries individually, you can use one which allows you easy switching between all of them. The course content makes this easy: you don’t have to be an expert in PyQt, Tkinter, wxPython or the web: instead you can easily switch between all of them.

If you want to start with creating desktop apps in Python and it all seems overwhelming, this is an easy course to get started with programming desktop apps in Python. Don’t waste your time learning all GUI libraries in detail and just learn this one.

It starts out by setting the development environment (PyCharm). This makes the whole process easier. Then it goes over creating a basic window and how to switch between desktop and web app with just one line of code.

The app examples how you can add anything in the desktop window: text boxes, buttons, list boxes and all the other components you use on a daily basis on your desktop computer. The course teaches you how to interact with all these components with just Python.

The course contains all the examples used, so you can run them on your own computer. The videos go into detail on how to do Python GUI development.

Finally you’ll learn how to select themes and even how to create your own custom themes for your application. Do you want to create Desktop Apps with Python? Not sure which GUI library to use? This course is for you.

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