Creating a Program Strategy

Creating a Program Strategy Free Download

Programs benefit from a vision statement, but vision statements are commonly mistaken for mission statements. This course provides information on the difference between the two, why a vision is important in any type of program, and how it can be used effectively for stakeholder engagement. Join Claudine Peet as she explains how to plan a program, ensuring that it aligns with corporate strategy, ultimately increasing the success of the program. After outlining an overview, she shares tips for how to achieve program objectives, define a strong vision statement, spearhead communications between participants, create a target operating model, conduct a gap analysis, and more.
Topics include:
What are programs?
Determining strategic context of a program
Defining program drivers
Achieving program objectives
What is a vision statement?
Characteristics of a good program vision
What is a target operating model (TOM)?
Analyzing for gaps
Identifying projects that fit the TOM


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