CreativeLive How to Shoot Pets in the Studio

CreativeLive How to Shoot Pets in the Studio – Pets photography training at the studio

Learn the trick to creating awesome pet portraits and assuring your non-human clients they aren’t at the vet’s office in Shooting Pets in Studio with Carli Davidson.

In this class you’ll get tips and techniques for creating an environment that sets your four-legged models up for success. Carli will teach you how to work with animals that are not professionally trained to be on set and cover ways to work with agency trainers to ensure everyone is on the same page. You’ll learn about lighting, gear, and environmental factors that are essential for an animal-friendly environment. Carli will also share a few easy training techniques you can use to encourage photo-friendly play from your furry friends.

Animal photography can be fun, playful, and profitable when you create an environment for it – learn how minimize the inherent uncertainty of working with pets and set your studio up for success.

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Manufacturer: Kritylayo / CreativeLive
Teaching language: English
Teacher: Carli Davidson
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary
Time of training: 1 hour +
File size: 852 MB

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