CSS: Transitions and Transforms

CSS: Transitions and Transforms – Learn how to use Transformation and Transform properties in CSS

With robust and ever-increasing browser support, it is now possible to take advantage of expressive CSS3 capabilities across modern browsers. In this course, Joseph Lowery explores the possibilities of the new coding options, which animate well over 50 different properties automatically or interactively, and how they open the door to enhanced user experiences. This course covers the range from simple to complex transitions, including 2D and 3D transforms, and illustrates how transitions are expedited in various web authoring tools, as well as Dreamweaver. The course also contains a start-to-finish interactive slideshow project that allows you to practice and see the transitions and transforms immediately in action.

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Language: English 
Teacher: Joseph Lowery 
Level of training :, Secondary 
Training Time: 2 hours + 25 minutes 
File Size: 257.22 MB

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