Dance teacher training – communication skills

Dancer teacher training, have you been taught to speak so that your pupils can hear you above the music? Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • You may be the best dance teacher in your area but if your dancers can’t hear you no one will ever know. This course will improve your vocal skills.
  • Good communication means your will be a popular dance teacher and a popular teacher is a successful teacher
  • Dance teachers will be able to speak to their dancers in a large dance studio and be heard clearly
  • You will be able to speak confidently to dancers regardless of their age or ability
  • If children and parents can easily understand you, the teacher your dropout rates will decrease.
  • You will be better able to persaude businesses to support and help you build your business
  • Teachers will be able correct dancers effectively and install confidence in their students
  • You will sound as knowledgeable as you are
  • This is intended for teachers of dance at any level whether experienced or newly qualified
  • The desire to improve and be the best dance teacher you can be
  • All the resources you need are included in the course

When most teachers teach the pupils are sitting still, able to concentrate fully on what the teacher is saying. The teacher is also able to sit or stand still – perhaps sitting at a desk with all of their notes around them or standing at a whiteboard able to reinforce ideas with written words.

Dance teachers do not have these luxuries – they have to teach in the middle of a dance studio with no chairs or whiteboards, to students who are moving around and who are listening to music. Your voice is the only tool you have.

Do you find it a struggle to be heard above the music? Do you feel awkward correcting and teaching people who are older and more experienced in life than you are? Does you voice let you down?

The enthusiasm of the teacher must shine through their speech and they must be able to communicate with dancers, parents, management and schools.

These dance teachers need to have exceptional communication skills if they are to produce first class dancers This doesn’t mean that all successful dance teachers are extoverts who love to talk; it merely means that they know how to get the best from their voices.

I have written articles in the Dance Studio LIfe Magazine (USA) and the ISTD Dance Magazine about the importance of good communication between dancer and teacher.

I have also written an academic paper for the Voice and Speech Review on the effectiveness of learning to dance on people’s ability to speak clearly and confidently which you can access as a resource with this course.

Who this course is for:
  • Dance teachers of any genre and of any age either with experience or newly qualified
  • Any dance teacher who wants to feel more confident when expaining or speaking to pupils, parents, schools etc.


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