DAX – Mastering DAX Foundations for Power BI

DAX – Mastering DAX Foundations for Power BI   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how the DAX engine works
  • Understand Calculated Tables, Columns, Measures and when to use what
  • Simplified understanding of DAX Evaluation Context, Row, Filter and Context Transition
  • Understand the most used DAX functions
  • Write Time Intelligence formulas
  • Understand when to use Iterator functions


  • Students should be familiar with Power BI reporting already.
  • Some Excel formulas knowledge is an advantage but not necessary.
  • Students should have the latest version of Power BI for practice



DAX is the formula language of Power BI, Excel Power Pivot and SSAS Tabular. The formula language simply unlocks advanced capabilities for reporting in Power BI.

However, DAX is not an easy language to learn. Mastering it requires a proper understanding of the rudiments and a lot of constant practice.

In this course, I have used a very explanatory approach to ensure that you will understand, learn and master DAX faster than most courses where formulas ae being copied from a text editor without proper explanation of what is happening behind it.

As a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for the Data Platform and a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I will be able to answer your DAX questions as you continue to develop your skills after this course.

What you will learn.

This course is suitable for all levels of Power BI users. You will learn from the introductory concepts to build a solid background. By the time you complete the course, you should have a better understanding of:

1. DAX usage in Power BI (Calculated Columns, Calculated Tables, Measures and Row Level Security)

2. The most important and used DAX functions

3. How the DAX Engine works behind the scenes

4. The CALCULATE function in DAX

5. Row Context, Filter Context and Context Transition

6. Time Intelligence functions and calculations

7. Other important DAX functions like RANKX and TOPN


Because DAX is about doing , and beyond looking, I am sorry to say that I included assignments for you. Don’t worry if you stumble here and there while completing the assignments, it’s completely normal. You will just have to watch the parts of the videos again till you are able to complete them. It’s all for good.

The more DAX you write, the better you get….over time. So this is a good opportunity to write a lot of them.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Intermediate Power BI users.


Download  DAX – Mastering DAX Foundations for Power BI  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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