Design Patterns and SOLID Principles with Java

Design Patterns and SOLID Principles with Java Free Download

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  • What design patterns are and why you should learn and use them
  • Understand and apply important design patterns such as the Template Method, the Strategy, the Singleton, the Facade, and the Factory Method
  • Learn about cloud design patterns such as the Strangler, the Circuit Breaker and the Cache-Aside patterns
  • Identify and avoid anti-patterns—for instance, using God objects or having a so-called pattern fetish
  • How and why to design modular and extensible code by exploring important SOLID principles
  • How to quickly refactor code that does not adhere to design best practices by using your favorite IDE
About This course will guide you through the whys and hows of important design patterns using SOLID principles and, more importantly, will help you recognize opportunities to apply these; its focus is on real-world problems and down-to-earth explanations to get you started quickly. The goal of the course is not to have you breeze through every design pattern in existence in a few minutes with oversimplified examples. Instead, you will learn selected design patterns in an in-depth way. During the course, you’ll also familiarize yourself with the major aspects of SOLID design and writing clean code, as these concepts and applying design patterns should go hand-in-hand.

By the end of the course, you will be able to identify (and confidently apply) design patterns in your own applications and be empowered to make your design choices using complex examples.

All the code and supporting files are on GitHub at:

  • In-depth, practical guide focusing on must-have, instantly usable core knowledge that’s easily transferable to other languages
  • Straightforward explanations served in a bottom-up style, covering basic topics and advanced concepts alike in an easy-to-understand way
  • Guided walkthroughs using multiple examples, featuring real-world problems and scenarios
Course Length 6 hours 48 minutes


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