Digital Sketching in Perspective Pt2 – Motorcycle Concept Art

Digital Sketching in Perspective Pt2 – Motorcycle Concept Art Free Download

Create your own motorcycle concept art and put your perspective drawing skills into action!

Ever wanted to create your own motorcycle concept art, but didn’t know where to start?
Fear not ? This new 7-part tutorial course with artist Shane Madden will give you all the professional concept artist skills you need to draw just about any vehicle you can imagine.
If you checked out Shane’s previous course on Digital Sketching in Perspective (and we strongly recommend you do), you’ll already have a good understanding of how perspective works.
So now, get ready to take your new perspective drawing skills to the next level in this fun, effective, and easy-to-follow 7-part video tutorial.

You’ll learn:
How to draw wheels in perfect perspective
How to add details, such as handlebars, shock absorbers, and more
How to finish your drawing and start adding color
How to render your motorcycle for a great finished painting
Don’t hold your talent back. Just click this button to get access to this video course and more than 80 others.

After watching this course, everything you learned in the first Digital Sketching in Perspective course will start to fall into place.
Finally, you’ll understand how objects sit in a 3D environment, and how the laws of perspective affect their appearance.
You’ll start to look at vehicles, buildings, people, and everything else around you with an artist’s eye.
But most importantly, you’ll now have the ability to draw each and every component of your motorcycle concept art in perfect perspective – a highly sought-after skill in the concept art and video game industries.
So, get ready to step on the gas and start creating your own unique motorcycle concept art. Because you never know where your next creative journey will take you.


DownloadDigital Sketching in Perspective Pt2 – Motorcycle Concept Art Free Download Free

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