Discrete Mathematics A-Z- Math, Number & Graph Theory & more

Discrete Mathematics A-Z- Math, Number & Graph Theory & more Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Most comprehensive course on the market in Discrete Math
  • Fully understand the fundamentals of mathematical logic
  • Solve problems with propositions and quantifiers with mathematical logic
  • Build truth tables and understand basics of digital logic design
  • Learn to apply indirect, direct and other methods of proofs
  • Learn to check for divisibility as well as learn the method of Euclidean algorithm
  • Fully understand how equivalence, partial order and binary relations work
  • Learn about bijective and injective functions
  • Master the fundamentals of counting
  • Grasp the consepts of combinations and permutations and be able to use them to solve problems
  • Learn about Boolean Algebra and De Morgan’s Law
  • Learn about simple, complete and bipartite Graphs
  • Master other concepts and applications in graph theory such as trees, paths and circuits
  • Be fully prepared for the MATH 245 course in college
  • basic math operations
  • willingness to learn
  • Are you a Math, Computer Science or Computer Engineering student or maybe a professional who needs to succeed in Discrete Mathematics? 
  • Do you need to develop your mathematical skills and learn with practice?
  • Are you already studying Discrete Math Subject but need a better resource and online teacher to study and get better grades? 
  • Do you need to increase your GPA but have little time to study?

This is a great place to learn Discrete Mathematics! Master Discrete Mathematics Today and Enroll Now!

In this course you will learn discrete mathematics and study mathematical logic, mathematical proofs, set theory, functions, relations, graph theory, number theory as well as combinations and permutations.

Each chapter of the course can be taken independently if required, and each chapter covers all of the listed topics in details so you will study everything that is necessary and in the order that most suits you as a student. As students usually come to this course for specific topic(s) and exercises, here is the comprehensive list of what you will learn from each chapter of this course:

  1. Logic: Propositions, Connectives, Truth Tables, Logic Gates, Conditional and Biconditional Propositions, Rules of Inference, Predicates and Quantifiers
  2. Proofs: Direct and Indirect Proofs, Proof by Induction and other Methods of Proof
  3. Sets: Sets and Number Sets, Complement Sets, Cartesian Product, Operations, Boolean Algebra and De Morgan’s Law
  4. Functions and relations: Ordered Pair, Dom, Range, Inverse Relations
  5. Graphs: Simple and Complete Graph, Bipartite Graph, Paths and Circuits, Euler Circuit and Euler Path, Hamiltonian Circuit and Hamiltonian Path, Trees
  6. Numbers: Divisibility and Division Algorithm, Euclidean Algorithm
  7. Combinatorics: Combinations, Permutations, Fundamental Principle of Counting

Every lecture on these topics in discrete math is in high quality – 1080p and the powerpoint presentations are downloadable. (you can use them when you will need and they can save you time by revisiting the learned material as well). All the concepts and definitions are explained in the videos and each topic is ending with a set of examples as well as a small theory quiz (optional). We will go through each step to solve the given examples in each lesson as well as practice them at the end of each of the 7 chapters. In case of difficulties, you can post a question and get help from the instructors! You will have everything to learn discrete mathematics!

This course will be useful to anyone studying discrete math and any related subject to discrete mathematics, such as linear algebra, calculus, economics, statistics, cryptography, finance, actuarial science, data structures, data science or algorithms. And if you are a computer science student and you were searching for mathematics for computer science than you will definitely need to go through this training! This is also a great start for computer and math related majors, because they usually require a solid knowledge in discrete math.

The instructors have both completed discrete mathematics in there computer engineering sophomore year and got the A+ (4.0) grade in discrete math which has lead to the idea of creating this training. We have seen how our university students in fields such as computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering were struggling to study the material and worried about passing their exams. And if you are tired of learning everything on your own with university or from professors while going to the lectures everyday, you can now get these lessons  for as little as two cups of coffee and this small investment will rapidly effect your life, career and especially your GPA! So make the right decision today and enroll now! Learn discrete Mathematics Today!

In addition, to this, you get 100% satisfaction or Money-Back Guarantee for 30 days so you have nothing to lose. The lessons can be watched on any device and at the end you are even getting a certificate for completion that you can put on your resume, linkedin, show your co-workers and/or classmates and professors.

After enrolling you will feel 100% confident and will master your skills in Discrete Math. You will have all necessary materials to revisit and videos with lifetime access that you can watch even on your phone, laptop or TV screen. You will solve the problems in discrete math step-by-step and even know all the theory and concepts that are necessary for your success in this subject. Feel free to look at the free materials that are provided to you on this page. All the powerpoint presentations are downloadable so that you will be able to simply skim through them in 20 minutes if you will need to repeat some material or prepare for your class.

Do you need to Master Discrete Mathematics? 

Don’t wait no more! 100% satisfaction or Money-Back Guarantee for 30 days!


Who this course is for:
  • Math Majors
  • Computer Science Majors
  • People Interested in Mathematics
  • Students of Science Majors
  • People Interested in Studying Discrete Math
  • Students of Engineering Majors
  • Computer Engineering Majors
  • People pursuing Bachelor’s degree
  • People pursuing Master’s degree
  • Professions related to Computers
  • Professions related to Mathematics
  • Professions related to Engineering
  • People interested in backbone of Mathematics
  • People interested in backbone of Computer Science


Download Discrete Mathematics A-Z- Math, Number & Graph Theory & more Free Download Free


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