Drawing 2-Point Perspective

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Perspective in real life is a complicated affair; most people can roughly sketch things so they look about right, but being very precise is tricky because objects are at all kinds of angles. So to help understand how perspective works, construct perspective using just one or two simple objects that are aligned in the same direction. When drawingfreehand, you can translate this approach to drawing objects in your picture one at a time. You don’t usually use detailed construction methods, but what you’ve learned from this approach will help you to know if your sketch is accurate.

So what does the subject look like when you’re going to do a two-point drawing? In this type of perspective, you are viewing the object or scene so that you are looking at one corner, with two sets of parallel lines moving away from you. Remember that every set of parallel lines has its own vanishing point. To keep it simple, two-point, as the name implies, uses two—each pair of horizontals (the top and bottom edge of a building, box or wall) diminish toward the left or right vanishing point, while the remaining set of parallel lines, the verticals, are still straight up-and-down.

It sounds a bit confusing, but you don’t need to be able to explain it—just understand how it should look, and by following the steps, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to draw. Just remember: The verticals stay straight up and down, while the left and right sides get smaller toward a vanishing point.

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