Editing Excel Spreadsheets in Python With openpyxl

Editing Excel Spreadsheets in Python With openpyxl   Free Tutorial Download

Before You Begin

If you ever get asked to extract some data from a database or log file into an Excel spreadsheet, or if you often have to convert an Excel spreadsheet into some more usable programmatic form, then this tutorial is perfect for you. Let’s jump into the openpyxl caravan!

Practical Use Cases

First things first, when would you need to use a package like openpyxl in a real-world scenario? You’ll see a few examples below, but really, there are hundreds of possible scenarios where this knowledge could come in handy.

Importing New Products Into a Database

You are responsible for tech in an online store company, and your boss doesn’t want to pay for a cool and expensive CMS system.

Every time they want to add new products to the online store, they come to you with an Excel spreadsheet with a few hundred rows and, for each of them, you have the product name, description, price, and so forth.

Now, to import the data, you’ll have to iterate over each spreadsheet row and add each product to the online store.

Exporting Database Data Into a Spreadsheet

Say you have a Database table where you record all your users’ information, including name, phone number, email address, and so forth.

Now, the Marketing team wants to contact all users to give them some discounted offer or promotion. However, they don’t have access to the Database, or they don’t know how to use SQL to extract that information easily.

What can you do to help? Well, you can make a quick script using openpyxl that iterates over every single User record and puts all the essential information into an Excel spreadsheet.

That’s gonna earn you an extra slice of cake at your company’s next birthday party!

Appending Information to an Existing Spreadsheet

You may also have to open a spreadsheet, read the information in it and, according to some business logic, append more data to it.

For example, using the online store scenario again, say you get an Excel spreadsheet with a list of users and you need to append to each row the total amount they’ve spent in your store.

This data is in the Database and, in order to do this, you have to read the spreadsheet, iterate through each row, fetch the total amount spent from the Database and then write back to the spreadsheet.

Not a problem for openpyxl!


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