Electrical power cables calculations

 Electrical power cables calculations   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Voltage drop calculations , cables sizing calculations, short circuit calculations and cables installation


  • This course does not require any special preperations


This course covers the following topics :

00-voltage drop – introduction

01- voltage drop – tables

02-voltage drop for 380 operation voltage

03-voltage drop for 220 operation voltage

04-voltage drop for AL cables calculations

05- cables sizing introductions for Cu cables

06- cables sizing introduction for AL cables

07- cables sizing derating factors calculations

08- cables sizing for type Cu/pvc/pvc

09- cables sizing for type  AL/pvc/pvc

10- cables sizing for Copper multiCables

11- cables sizing for Aluminum multiCables

12- cables installation

13- short circuit  calculations ( transformers short circuit )

14- short circuit at main circuit breaker

15- short circuit at specific point

16- cables calculations application

17- tables used in examples

Who this course is for:

  • This course for all levels and for all interested in power cables


Download  Electrical power cables calculations  Free


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