Email Marketing Between Simplicity And Complexity

Email Marketing Between Simplicity And Complexity   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • The importance of a list and how to start getting targeted subscribers as soon as today
  • The top 3 traffic sources for building a targeted email list quickly, and which method you should be focusing on in the beginning…
  • Why you don’t need to write super long emails and why sometimes shorter converts much better…
  • The 3 times you should delete subscribers from your list, and why deleting these 3 groups of subscribers will actually put more money in your pocket…
  • Selling products and services isn’t the only way to monetize your email list… discover additional, more creative ways to send emails and PROFIT!


  • No special skils required


Increasing your visibility as well as your authority and trust online, is something that can definitely encourage sales, a lot of them.

But making a name for your brand online is not an easy task, it is crucial that you understand how to properly make use of the most effective techniques in order to do so.

Is there really one simple trick that can make that happen? That can really make your brand popular online and help you skyrocket your sales in complete autopilot?

Content Marketing is perhaps the closest thing to such a notion

Content marketing is currently one of the biggest trends in digital marketing as a whole and is an area that many website owners and brands are investing in heavily right now, thanks to the impressive returns that they are seeing.

While there is no such thing as a ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to getting your brand known and encouraging sales, content marketing is perhaps the closest thing to such a notion and can help you to drastically increase your visibility as well as your authority and trust.

Content marketing doesn’t only ensure greater loyalty and give you a big audience to sell to though: it also gives you more impact and authority.

Think about your favorite celebrity. Someone that you really look up to, whose work you admire and who you think has got their life up together. Imagine if they recommended a certain item of clothing, or a certain health supplement. Would you be more likely to buy it?

The answer for the general population is a resounding yes.

That’s means, you’ll be able to see things like…

  1. More impact and authority
  2. Build that kind of trust and authority directly
  3. Instead of working with an authority, you are going to become that authority
  4. Everything you release will become a hit, because of the groundwork you put in at the start
  5. Your sites will be filled with fans not just readers
  6. Ensure that the work you put in now keeps on paying dividends long into the future
  7. Completely transform your success
  8. Build immense authority and a huge list of readers
  9. Create something that is much bigger than a simple brand
  10. You become a movement. And that’s how you achieve the maximum measure of success

What am I going to get from this course?

  • What is the Content Marketing Blueprint?
  • Why Content Marketing is Crucial for Selling
  • How Content Marketing Creates Fans and Buyers
  • Types of Content Marketing
  • Frequency, Length and Other Forms of Content
  • Advice for Scheduling
  • How to Write Good – The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post
  • Why Infographics Are Fantastic for Internet Marketers
  • Why Your Brand is Crucial for Your Content
  • Your Articles As Products – How You Should Really be Selling Your Site Content
  • What is Guest Blogging and Why Should it Interest Me?
  • Some Tips for Successful Guest Blogging
  • How to Get Your Visitors to Write Your Content For You
  • Your Guide to Fast and Effective Content Curation
  • Tools and Resources for Your Content Marketing
  • Closing Words on Content Marketing – More Reasons it’s Perfect for Your Marketing Strategy

Who this course is for:

  • Students wishing to learn email marketing


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