Employee Performance Management – From Zero to Hero

Employee Performance Management – From Zero to Hero   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Employee Performance Management
  • Roll Out an Effective Performance Management Program
  • Help Managers Set Goals
  • Plan and Conduct Difficult Conversations
  • Use Performance Management System
  • Set Different Types of Goals Using Smart Matrix
  • Performance Management Life Cycle
  • Benchmark Employee Competency
  • Map Organizational Goals to Employee Roles
  • Goals Communication, Documentation and Traceability
  • Performance Rating Classification and Calibration
  • Performance Management Training for Managers
  • Handling Performance Review Grievances


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  • There are no prerequisites to study this course, it is self explanatory.
  • This is a Turnkey Project Course, where it includes various resources and tackles critical issues related to performance management



This is not your typical performance management training course, this is a step by step manual that tackles all issues related to performance management and covers its entire life cycle. The course was designed based on 15 years of practical experience in running performance management programs in mid size companies, groups and fortune 500 Companies by bridging the gap between theoretical training and practical experience.

I have designed the course based on my understanding of the tremendous pressure that business leaders and human resources professionals have; where it allows you to jump from the learning stage directly into program implementation using the attached presentation templates, forms and data management system.

The course provides tips on the how and why programs fail and the secret sauce to conducting a successful program.

Target Audience

  • General Managers This course is designed for Managers who wish to achieve their organizational targets through their people by creating meaningful targets for their employees
  • Managers the course is designed to help managers speedup the process of setting goals for large number of employees by providing a different approach to goal setting. The course also is designed to manage the stigma of conducting difficult conversations during the performance review feedback.
  • HR Managers: Also its designed to help HR Leaders to create a Performance Management Program in their organizations by utilizing the tips, procedures, forms and tracking systems included in this course.
  • HR Generalists the course also includes sufficient information to help HR Generalists who wish to grow their understanding of performance management and acquire a specialist status

Topics Covered

  • Performance Management Definitions
  • Purpose of Performance Management
  • Performance Management Life Cycle
  • Bench-marking Employee Competency
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Performance Evaluation Metrics
  • Performance Evaluation Criteria
  • Tips for Conducting an Effective Performance Review
  • Step by Step Data collection and Performance Management System use
  • Discussing Goal Setting Interview
  • Delivering Performance Review Results
  • Handling Performance Management Grievances
  • Roles and Accountability

Included Downloadable Resources

Presentation Template – Manager – Editable Powerpoint

Presentation Template – Employee – Editable Powerpoint

Goal Setting Form – PDF

Self Assessment Form – PDF

Performance Management System – Microsoft Excel

Manager Handbook – Word Document

5 Editable Posters for Communication – Multi-lingual – Photoshop PSD File

Who this course is for:

  • HR Generalists who want to become specialized as performance Managers
  • Managers who want to learn how to set goals for large number of employees
  • Managers who want to learn how to conduct difficult conversations
  • HR Managers Who Need Tools to Capture and Track Performance Data
  • General Managers who want to transform their organizations into a competency driven companies
  • Professionals that want to reduce employee attrition
  • HR Managers Who Want to Change the Culture in Their Companies

loyee Performance Management – From Zero to Hero   Free


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