EN.1.UAV Drones- Introduction to 3D mapping

EN.1.UAV Drones- Introduction to 3D mapping   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn
  • Make measurements with the help of their UAV
  • Replace Lidar and Laser Scan devices with their UAV
  • Maximize results with their investment on UAV
  • Save lifes
  • Reduce Costs
  • Make a 3D model of buildings, people, terrain and objects
  • Export results to ArcGis and Autocad Civil 3D
  • UAV platform that captures at least 12 mpx photos and has autonomous flight, remote shutter and fpv.
  • Windows 64 bit with high power CPU, GPU and ram
  • Download demo software of Agisoft Photoscan, Pix4d and 123D Catch
  • Need to know how to use an UAV

This Course is about saving time and money with the help of UAV Drones and Photogrammetry.

The course has animated presentations, stats, parameters, tips, photo and video examples of working with UAV Drones for 3D mapping.

You can complete the course in a day and take a weekend for practicing with the samples.

This course talks about what is Photogrammetry, in which Industries can be applyed, which are the business models, the ideal equipment, the leading software and UAV platforms and some safety and operational tips.

You have to take this course if you want to replace your expensive 50 topographers, 20 total station and 10 laser scanner with 1 UAV platform and photogrammetry software suite, saving money and not putting in risk your staff. It is the most profitable use of UAV.

Laser scanner and Lidar costs about $60,000 to $150,000.

A good small UAV fully autonomous starts at $1200 and photogrammetry software from $0 up to $8000 with 1cm or 2cm per pixel precision.

Who this course is for:
  • Should take this course Minning Companies
  • Should take this course Law enforcement officers with UAVs
  • Should take this course Engineers
  • Should take this course Forest control officers
  • Should take this course Architects
  • Should take this course Land registry authorities
  • Should take this course Archaeologists
  • Should take this course UAV Pilots that only use their technology for making money and want to innovate on their business model


Download  EN.1.UAV Drones- Introduction to 3D mapping  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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