English Grammar- Tenses with Animations, Sounds and Quizzes

Learn English Grammar Verb Tenses in BRITISH ENGLISH and build your confidence in speaking and writing Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Video lectures and FREE interactive PDF e-book
  • Gain a full understanding of the English tenses
  • Form correct sentences and develop communication skills
  • Improve your spoken and written English
  • Prepare for English language exams
  • For work or business
  • Basic understanding of the English verb tenses

English Grammar Rules in Context – Learn English Tenses with Confidence!

The lessons are presented through the entertaining stories which are told in natural English. The humorous animations accompanied by sounds help to make the content more meaningful for you. The illustrations will simplify the complex and tricky English tenses and enhance your understanding of the topics presented. They add interest and will further engage you in an enjoyable learning experience. The quizzes will consolidate your knowledge of the tenses that you will have learnt.

You can also download a FREE interactive PDF E book.

Topics covered

Present simple

Present progressive (continuous)

Past simple

Past progressive (continuous)

Present perfect (part 1)

Present perfect (part 2)

Present perfect progressive (continuous)

Past perfect

Used to

Future simple

Future progressive (continuous)

Future perfect

Present progressive for future

Present simple for future

Going to

Present perfect vs. Past simple

Past progressive vs. Past simple

Present perfect vs. Present perfect progressive

Past perfect vs. Past simple

Future simple vs. Future progressive

Will vs. Going to

Present simple vs. Present progressive

Who this course is for:
  • The course is ideal for elementary, intermediate and upper intermediate English language learners. It is also a perfect English grammar refresher course for Advanced level students.


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