Ethical Hacking, Novice to Ninja

Kali is a flavor of Linux targeted at digital forensics experts and Penetration Testers. It includes over 400 pen-testing programs, and is the primary tool used by ethical hackers. Using Kali Linux, certified ethical hackers can test networks on their organizations’ behalves, to determine if they’re susceptible to internal and external attacks.

Businesses are connected, and as such, they’re also exposed. Vulnerability testing helps organizations limit that exposure. This course will help you explore the techniques, and tools of the trade.

This course will give prospective ethical hackers a detailed look into the skills and knowledge required of a security professional. We’re going to start by setting up our own virtual environment for testing.

Over several weeks, we will take the following path.

  1. Building your lab
  2. Gathering Information
  3. Vulnerability Scanning
  4. WebApp PenTesting
  5. System Shells
  6. Basic Exploitation
  7. System Hacking

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing right from scratch.

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