Etsy & Printful + Printify – Print on Demand Course 2020

 Etsy & Printful + Printify – Print on Demand Course 2020   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • How Does This Business Model Work
  • Store Creation (Including FAQ’s By Customers That You Will Add On Your Store)
  • Adding Products With Multiple Variations
  • How To Find Succesful Products
  • How To Create Mockups for T-Shirts Fast With Photoshop
  • SEO Tips & Tricks
  • Copyrighting & How to avoid it
  • Etsy Ads, Off-Site Ads & Ranking Your Products
  • Setting Profit Margins
  • Advice For Starters & Your First Sales


  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Photoshop Basics (you can use some free tools too or other photo editing software you’re familiar with)


Are you ready to start a succesful Print on Demand store with Etsy & Printful ?

Etsy & Printful is the easiest POD business model that you can start today. Why ?

  • It doesn’t require a high budget to start
  • You can even make sales through organic traffic without paying for Ads (if your product is in high demand)
  • Built-in Advertising Platform That is Easy to Use
  • Off-site Ads (Etsy Will Advertise Your Products On Google & Facebook Automatically And You Will Pay a Fee Only If This Leads To a Sale- 12-15% Fee)
  • You Can Easily Find Winning Products From Your Competition
  • It’s a Great Platform That is Easy to Manage
  • Once You Grow You Can Drive Your Followers To Your Own Website

How I started & My Background

In 2017 I started to work as a Digital Marketing Consultant for Google Digital Hub where I taught over 300 entrepreneurs how to run their Ads for their business and build their online presence. As years have passed I started to love eCommerce and how the entire space works.

Fast-forward, in 2019 after watching lots of YouTube videos and reading forums I started my First Etsy Store in February. I bought hundreds of designs from random websites thinking that these designs look great and they will sell. Guess What ? I was WRONG.

These designs are saturated, everyone is buying them and everyone will try to sell them. I was uploading 20 designs a day, I was spending lots of HOURS everyday hoping that I will sell these designs. After 2 months I started having a few sales but none of these were from the designs I bought, they were all coming from designs that I found through research.

As of May 2020 I have made over 57500 EUROs / 64000$ in sales (20% Net Profit give or take) – I Will Show You These Figures

This is not a huge figure, but if you want another source of passive Income this is a great choice! I live in Eastern Europe and I’m making 1000$+ a month right now from ETSY alone (~6k$ in sales a month). You can make even more than the figures that I achieved so far but I also work as a freelancer in Web Dev & Digital Marketing and this is taking most of my time therefore I’m not trying to work harder on Etsy right now (I barely upload 1-2 designs a month right now).

How Will This Course Be Presented To You ?

I’m a very practical individual, and I do not like rambling and wasting time just to make others think that some made up info will make you milions. I will explain everything that I learned so far and I’ll get straight to the point with each subject that is presented in this course.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Store Up and Running ?

If you know Photoshop or any other Photo Editing software at a Basic level you will be able to start your store in a few hours and you will save A LOT of money by doing the designs yourself.

This course includes all the information you need to start a succesful store. Consistency and Hard Work are the key to your Success!

Who this course is for:

  • People That Are New To The Print on Demand / Dropshipping Model (Etsy Is The Best Platform To Learn This Business Model – Low-Risk)
  • Experienced Print on Demand Dropshippers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Marketers
  • eCommerce Lovers
  • Passive Income Seekers


Download  Etsy & Printful + Printify – Print on Demand Course 2020  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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