Everything About Buying A Home Explained Visually

Everything About Buying A Home Explained Visually   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • In this course, you will learn the recommended steps to assess and prepare for buying a home
  • You will understand how to search for, and look at, potential homes and communities
  • You'll become familiar with the basic process of making an offer on a home
  • You will learn the basic mortgage terms and types, and the benefits of each
  • You'll understand more unfamiliar mortgage decisions, including points and escrow.
  • You'll gain a methodical approach to choosing a lender for your home purchase.
  • You will have a road-map for the closing process, going to from offer to ownership.
  • You'll learn some of the essential Federally-funded programs and options that might be applicable to you.


  • Personal computer, tablet or mobile device
  • PDF reader software for course guides useful but not required
  • Printer useful but not required

This course aims to provide people buying or selling a home with understanding of key real estate terms and concepts. These are explained through visuals, with supporting voiceover. Each video is short by design, but because visuals convey more information in far less time than text, they cover the subject with better comprehension and recall.

The course is broadly structured into 8 sections, in the rough order a home buyer might follow. However, the videos are not structured sequentially. Later sections can be used without viewing earlier sections. End-to-end viewing, preferably NOT in a single sitting, may be helpful for those who have not yet started the home-buying decision process. A complete end-to-end viewing could be done in a few hours.

Those partway through the home-buying process, or those needing refresher knowledge on particular terms or concepts, can jump to specific videos.

Take this course to be an informed home buyer, and (potentially)


Download  Everything About Buying A Home Explained Visually  Free


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