Excel – Productivity Tips

Excel – Productivity Tips   Free Tutorial Download

1. Shortcuts

Let’s start with keyboard shortcuts. It’s one of the single best investments of time you can make to further your spreadsheet skills. It’s all about reducing your reliance on the mouse and instead harnessing the awesome efficiency of navigating spreadsheets from the keyboard.

Try these for starters:

  • Quickly move around your data ranges by holding the Ctrl key (or Cmd key on a Mac) and the Left or Right or Up or Down Arrow keys. Hold down Ctrl (or Cmd) key and the Shift key with your left hand and the Left or Right or Up or Down Arrow keys.
  • Move quickly between your worksheets by holding down the Ctrl key and Page Up or Page Down.
  • Toggle between absolute and relative cell references using F4.
  • Quickly jump into a cell to edit the contents, by pressing the F2 key.
  • Highlight a whole row by holding down the Shift key and hitting Spacebar. Similarly, highlight a whole column by holding down the Ctrl key and hitting Spacebar.

Find more in the official Microsoft Excel documents for Windows or Mac.

2. Format Painter

Chances are you’ll want to re-apply format options again and again in your worksheets, for example when you’re preparing reports that need to look consistent. There’s a slow way and a quick way to do this. The slow way is to just repeat your steps each time, selecting fonts, sizes, shading, borders etc. to match.


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