Excel tips and tricks with CAD – GIS and macros

 Excel tips and tricks with CAD – GIS and macros   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Using excel to make working with AutoCAD, Microstation and Excel easier
  • Google Earth tips with Excel
  • Formulas for transformation of utm coordinates – geographic
  • Generation of kml files from excel
  • Conversion of coordinates to courses / bearings and distances
  • Working with macros and Visual Basic code
  • Advanced forms and filters


  • The course is from scratch, but users who already know basic Excel will take more advantage of it


In this course you will learn how to get more out of Excel, applied to tricks with AutoCAD, Google Earth and Microstation.

It includes:

  • Conversion of geographic coordinates to projected in UTM,
  • Decimal coordinate conversion to degrees, minutes and seconds,
  • Conversion of flat coordinates to bearings and distances,
  • Send from Excel to Google Earth,
  • Send from Excel to AutoCAD
  • Send from Excel to Microstation
  • Everything, using Excel formulas.

Additionally, learn how to work with advanced Excel functions using Macros.

  • Timeline Filters and Data Segmentation,
  • Record macros,
  • Create form,
  • Forms from Visual Basic,
  • Create lists using ComboBox,
  • Decisions using IF Function, Else using CheckBox,
  • Print form,
  • Access credentials to enter your excel sheet,

Who this course is for:

  • AutoCAD users
  • Microstation users
  • GIS Tool Users
  • Google Earth enthusiasts
  • Excel users who want to get more out of it


Download  Excel tips and tricks with CAD – GIS and macros Free


Password : freetuts.download

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