Explosion Simulation & Compositing Course – Maya – Nuke

Explosion Simulation & Compositing Course – Maya – Nuke   Free Tutorial Download

About This Class


This class is about dynamic simulation of a massive explosion by using Maya Fluid and N-Particle. Each and every step and option is properly explained about Maya Fluid and N-Particle. After the simulation, this class will go through every processes of composite that explosion in Nuke for enhancing look and feel by using custom passes. Lastly ton of tricks, tips and techniques you will be learning throughout this processes of this course. 

 This Class is For:

This class is for intermediate students those who have little bit prior knowledge of Maya & Nuke.

 In This Class You’ll Learn: 

  • Easiest Way to Create Explosion
  • Maya Fluid Container
  • Maya N Particles
  • Passes Compositing in Nuke

 About Me

I am Arijit is an instructor with 15 years of teaching experience. 1st April 2006, I started teaching. More than 15000 offline students I have taught in these years. I am having a mission to teach a series of classes and this is the best place to teach my vision. When I am talking about my vision that is to teach the entire pipeline and workflow of this VFX world. Teaching means for me to deliver the simplest way possible.


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